Excellos Launches ‘Excellos 360’ Alongside RUO and GMP Product Portfolio to Reduce Clinical Response Variability

The central aims of Excellos 360 are to reduce clinical response variability and possibly improve outcomes, lower safety liability by allowing effectiveness in lower dosages and reducing the cost of goods associated with advanced therapies.

January 17, 2023; San Diego, California – Excellos, the California-based, full-service CDMO, has today announced the launch of ‘Excellos 360’, a new service offering, at Phacilitate’s Advanced Therapies Week in Miami

Excellos 360 will employ Excellos’ proprietary deep characterization of immune cells and platform services to starting materials and manufacturing intermediates through the early technology access program, as well as to partners’ cells.

The Excellos 360 service complements the Company’s existing RUO and cGMP cellular products and services offerings, built on the foundation of the San Diego Blood Bank.

The central aims of the Excellos 360 approach are to improve the potency of cellbased treatments to reduce clinical response variability and possibly improve outcomes, lower safety liability by allowing effectiveness in lower dosages and lower the cost of goods associated with cell and gene therapy manufacture.

Achievement of these goals will allow therapeutic developers to more easily fulfil the promise of immunotherapy treatments, as well as increasing their use and accessibility.

“Excellos 360 opens a new chapter in immunotherapy development through superior characterization of starting materials and rigorous development and manufacturing techniques. In developing new partnerships based on the Excellos 360 service offering, we are looking forward to accelerating the manufacturing and development of cell and gene therapies, ultimately getting life-saving cancer treatments to patients, faster,” explained David Wellis, CEO at Excellos.

The clinical benefits of cell and gene therapy for the treatment of cancer has been limited by variabilities in results. This variability is the driven by three main factors; tumor/host biology, inherent tumor resistance mechanisms and variability in the cell therapy product itself.

Excellos’ deep cell characterization approach addresses these issues through detailed screening beyond typical screening methods, creating an immune cell profile for each donor as well as an assessment of the metabolic and effector potential of their cells.

Another factor affecting the variability in results is the impact the manufacturing process itself can have in reducing key effectiveness factors of the raw material. Excellos utilizes Quality by Design (QbD) principles to continually evaluate these factors throughout the development process, while considering alternate factors including cost and yield.

“The combined application of Excellos’ deep cell characterization and QbD methodologies results in a solution for therapeutics developers looking to reduce the variability in patient outcomes. This is a solution that can be employed in parts or as an entire end-to-end solution, customizable to partners’ specific needs. Excellos 360 excites us as we can offer capabilities not previously available in the industry, which creates extensive partnership opportunities,” Wellis added.

To find out more about Excellos 360 and how it can support all stages of therapeutic development, from RUO to GMP products and CDMO capabilities, please visit the website, or contact the team via: info@excellos.com.

About Excellos

Built on the foundation of the San Diego Blood Bank, Excellos is focused on supplying cGMP cellular products and services, together with process development and manufacturing expertise to scientists and clinicians working with cell and gene therapies. Excellos is dedicated to improving human life by providing critical products and services to life science research and the next generation of cell and gene therapies. Learn more at www.excellos.com.

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