Excellos Opens Cutting-Edge Cell Therapy GMP Manufacturing Facility in Downtown San Diego

June 27, 2023; San Diego, California – Excellos Opens Cutting-Edge Cell Therapy GMP Manufacturing Facility in Downtown San Diego.

Cell Therapy GMP Manufacturing Facility

Excellos, a full-service contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for cell therapy, proudly announces the opening of their cell therapy GMP manufacturing facility in the heart of downtown San Diego. The facility and laboratories feature five ISO 7 clean-room suites to support pre-clinical to commercial production of cell and gene therapies and are currently being pre-booked for immediate availability.

“Cell therapies are the future, and with thousands of clinical trials going on right now, the future is arriving fast,” said Excellos CEO Dr. David Wellis. “Our relationship with the San Diego Blood Bank and their large pool of donors, our proprietary Excellos 360 technology, and our ability to support every phase of the treatment development process make us an ideal partner in the next generation of cancer therapy.”

Critical to cell therapy is the understanding and characterization of cells across the manufacturing continuum, from collection to expansion and delivery.

“More effective cell therapy treatments begin with more effective cells. Excellos 360 deep cell characterization goes beyond typical cell screening, so we can identify the key characteristics that will determine the cell’s effectiveness in combatting disease,” commented Dr. Robert Tressler, CSO of Excellos. “Ultimately, this improves clinical outcomes and lower treatment costs.”

Excellos uniquely combines critical human cell and tissue collection with manufacturing and development services to fuel breakthroughs in cell and gene therapy and is the first life sciences company located in downtown San Diego.

The Grand Opening of the clean rooms will be celebrated with an open house on July 19; 3:00pm to 8:00pm, with food, drinks and tours of the facility located at 1155 Island Ave, San Diego CA. For further information and to RSVP, contact us at pr@excellos.com.

For more information about our cell therapy GMP manufacturing facility contact us.

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