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Human CD56+ Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells)

Product Details

General Description

Human CD56+ Natural Killer (NK) cells are a type of white blood cell that plays a critical role in the innate immune system. They are responsible for killing infected cells and tumor cells without the need for prior sensitization. CD56+ NK cells are the most common type of natural killer cell in the blood and are characterized by their high expression of the CD56 surface protein.

Technical Description

NK cells are cytotoxic lymphocytes that are capable of killing target cells without prior sensitization. They do this by releasing a variety of cytotoxic granules and cytokines, such as perforin, granzymes, and interferon-γ. NK cells are also able to recognize and kill cells that have lost their major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I molecules, which are important for presenting antigens to T cells.

CD56+ natural killer cells are a particularly potent type cells. They are more cytotoxic and more responsive to cytokines than other types of natural killer cells. CD56+ NK cells are also more likely to be activated by certain types of infection, such as viral infections.

Product Use Examples

CD56+ NK cells are used in a variety of research and clinical applications, including: immunology research, cellular therapy and vaccine development.

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