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Human CD3+ Gamma Delta T Cells

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Human T Cells

Purified adaptive immune T cells respond to peptides derived from viruses, bacteria, tumor cells and normal tissues.

CD3+ Gamma Delta T Cells

Gamma Delta T cells are not abundant in the body, and are found in the gut mucosa, skin, lungs, and uterus. These cells are involved in the initiation and propagation of immune responses. They are considered to represent a link between innate and adaptive immunity. They can secrete particular effector cytokines in a subtype- and context-specific manner and are capable of phagocytosis.

Excellos 360 Available

Excellos 360 employs Excellos’s deep cell characterization approach to goes deeper than typical cell and donor screening to create a comprehensive immune cell profile for each donor, as well as an assessment of the metabolic and effector potential of their cells that looks beyond surface markers. Learn More about Excellos 360 Here

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